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Acnezine is a proprietary blend of antioxidants and herbs. Antioxidants are to your body what a knight in a shining armor is to a princes s in peril. They help to fight the bad guys (toxins, acne-causing bacteria, parasites) and neutralize their effect. Because of this antioxidants have been hailed as the miracle cure for cancer and many other incurable diseases.
Unlike most acne products Acnezine doesn't kill p. acnes bacteria. Instead Acnezine works on the cause of acne. By neutralizing toxins and poisons Acnezine gives the liver more time to deal with hormones that cause your skin to produce more oil. Less toxins and bacteria and less oil means no clogged pores and 'bye-bye pimples'.
If that sounds like you, then Acnezine is a good option to try
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