Ambien Sleeping Pills Ambien is a short-term (7- to 10-day) prescription sleep aid for people who have difficulty getting to sleep, have trouble staying asleep, or awaken too early in the morning.
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Sleeping Pills Ambien Side Effects:

The most common Ambien side effects in general include:
Daytime drowsiness, Dizziness, Lightheadedness, Difficulty with coordination
The most commonly observed side effects in controlled clinical trials of Ambien were drowsiness (2%), dizziness (1%), and diarrhea (1%).
You may find that sleep medicines make you sleepy during the day. How drowsy you feel depends on how your body reacts to the medicine, which sleep medicine you're taking, and how large a dose your doctor has prescribed.
Daytime drowsiness is best avoided by taking the lowest dose possible that will still help you sleep at night. Your doctor will work with you to find the dose that's best for you.Precautions on using Ambien Sleeping Pills:When you first start taking Ambien (or any other sleep medicine), use extreme care while doing anything that requires complete alertness, such as driving a car, operating machinery, or piloting an aircraft, until you know whether the medicine will have some carryover effect on you the next day.
Never drink alcohol while you are being treated with any sleep medicine. Alcohol can increase its action and side effects.
Do not take any other medicines without asking your doctor first. This includes medicines you can without a prescription. Some medicines can cause drowsiness and are best avoided while taking sleep aids.
Always take the exact dose of sleep aid prescribed by your doctor. Never change your dose without talking to your doctor first.
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